The automatic contactless disinfection station RD BOX PRO A is an automatic dispenser for hand disinfection.

(Reg. № 3887 U1 to the Patent Office)

It is developed from an aluminum composite panel with a thickness of 4 mm and has a built-in electro-hydraulic system for pumping the disinfectant.

The material from which the dispenser is made has a certificate of incombustibility!

The hand disinfection system is built into the dispenser and precisely calculates the required amount of disinfectant (1 to 2 ml) that the machine pumps to your hands.

By placing your hands in the indicated place by means of a sensor, a pumping system is activated, which sprays the disinfectant solution to your hands.


The volume of the tank with the disinfectant is 5 liters, and the disinfectant is not included in the set. The use of a 5 liter Eurotube is recommended. It is located inside the dispenser and is easily accessed from the rear of the station by means of a door with a locking system.

The dispenser is suitable for use in various retail outlets such as: restaurants, bars, pizzerias, hotels, grocery stores, bakeries, dairies, beauty and hairdressing salons, laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, doctors' offices, public parks and gardens, malls, railway stations and bus stations, etc.

The dispenser is suitable for outdoor use and requires additional power for its operation to operate.

200-240V power supply is required, but no specific installation is required. Its height is suitable for use by children!

The disinfection station has the following parameters and features:

- Dimensions - 370x280x1200mm

- It is made of aluminum composite panel with a thickness of 4mm

- Volume of the tank with disinfectant - 5 liters

- 200-240V power supply is required, but no specific installation is required


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